Release Date: 2022-08-06
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Maneuvers, Sorry Records [2022]

Blue is a 2 step inspired loose jam complete with rave synth, house organ & ambient melodies. Untitled 909 described it as “vibrant two-step influenced…where the glistening synths envelope you in an embrace of kaleidoscopic colours.”

Maneuvers is written in true PlayPlay style with raucous breakbeat samples, poison(ous) snare, knocking 4-to-the-floor kick and vocal chops with an energetic bassline working in tandem with rave stabs.
Self Rebound includes a nostalgic and delayed 90s rave synth melody coupled with a sampled meditation on resilience: “moving on.” PlayPlay programmed these drums, largely resampling elements from various breaks, to create a dancefloor-ready groove.
Maneuvers is described by DJ Mag as an EP with “three springing, two-step-inspired club tracks” and Untitled 909 as “euphoric and joyous.”